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Halfdan Kjerulf

This is the man that first sparked off my interest in forgotten composers. Kjerulf (pronounced Sher-oolf) was a founder of the Nationalist movement in Norwegian music and a great influence on Grieg. His name is almost entirely unknown outside his native country in part because he was a modest man who confined himself to writing vocal music and minitiatures for the piajavascript:;no. However, his most famous work, Brudefaerden i Hardanger is included in the Repertoire of every male voice choir in Norway. As a pianist, he was described as being fine & poetic. As a composer, he felt restricted by the lack of musical education then available in his homeland. Mystery surrounds both his death and his love-life. For more information on how to book an entertaining and illustrated talk about Halfdan Kjerulf entitled Kjerulf and Norwegian music before Grieg. contact Roz Trubger by email or telephone 0441202884196 love of Kjerulf's music began when I stumbled across his piano music and transcribed several for wind quintet. The music is a beautiful blend of Norwegian Folksong and German classicism - you can really 'see' Norway when you hear it. Kjerulf worked carefully to convey mood and wrote of the Skizze 4 that it is "..a sketch of the desolate mountains of Norway with the sound of the Valley acting as a middle section..". (Roz Trübger)

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KJERULF, Halfdan : 'HJERTESORG'  song cycle
voice & piano / voice & orchestra
mezzo soprano + baritone / low tenor
Song cycle of 9 songs + 2 duets
Sheet music : Vocal Score + CD / Digital PDF