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Birmingham Flute Society Bright, Dora [1862 - 1951]
Drouet, Louis [1792 - 1873] Gennin, Jean [1886 - 1962]
Graeff, Johann Georg (1762 - 1829) Kinkel, Johanna [1810 - 1858]
Kjerulf, Halfdan [1815 - 1868] Le Beau, Luise Adolpha [1850 - 1927]
Macfarren, Sir George Alexander [1813 - 1887] Mathews, James P (1828 - 1901)
Other Female Composers Other Male Composers
Pratten, Robert Sidney (1824 - 1873) RIBAS, Jose Maria del Carmen
Sabathil, Ferdinand [1856 - 1937] Sgambati, Giovanni [1841 - 1914]
Smyth, Dame Ethel [1858 - 1944] Tillmetz, Rudolf (1847 - 1915)

Biographical information: forgotten & unjustly neglected composers.

By publishing new editions of their work and by creating a virtual performance of each to encourage a live performances, we aim to revive the reputation and music of undeservedly neglected composers.
Roz Trübger (B.Mus Cert.Ed) has made a particular study of forgotten composers since stumbling across the music of Halfdan Kjerulf. The research involved a considerable amount of travelling and in 2006 she was in Rome (Italy) for several weeks reconstructing and editing the Symphony no.2 by Giovanni Sgambati. Early editions were published under the title Virtually Unknown as each was accompanied by a CD with a virtual performance of the work. But in 2009 this Virtually Unknown was taken under the umbrella organisation of Trübcher Publishing. In 2008 Roz was invited by the BBC to London to take part in the BBC Proms introduction to the music of Ethel Smyth. The same summer saw her in Germany where Trübcher’s new edition of the Vogelkantate was used in a performance to celebrate Johanna Kinkel's life and music. More research trips and performances followed.
For more information on how to book an entertaining and illustrated talk about an individual or several Forgotten Composers contact Roz Trübger.