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Buy vocal scores or download individual songs and Lieder for voice and piano

New editions of works by forgotten composers: Johanna Kinkel and Halfdan Kjerulf
Original words in German and Norwegian plus singable English translations

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johanna kinkel lieder opus 7 KINKEL, Johanna. 6 Songs / 6 Lieder (opus 7) for voice & piano. with CD

Nachtlied : Night Song
Wunsch : Wishing
Vorueberfahrt : Not stopping
Die Lorelei : The Lorelei
An den Mond : To the Moon
Die Zigener : The Gypsies
PDF Download / Printed Book + CD

kinkel lieder op.19 sheet music KINKEL, Johanna. 6 Songs / 6 Lieder (op. 19) for voice & piano + Sing-Along CD

Die Mandoline: The Mandolin
Aus ‘Die Assassinen: The Assassin
Liebesmacht: The Power of Love
Bedouinen Romanze: Ballad of the Bedouin
Abschied: Farewell
Thurm und Fluth: Tower and Tide
Printed Book + CD / Digital PDF

Johanna Kinkel lieder sheet music KINKEL, Johanna: Lieder op. 21 [voice & piano] vocal score with rehearsal CD

Lied aus dem Spessarttraum: Song from Spessart dream
Wiegenlied: Lullaby
Jugenerinn'rung: Memories of youth
Provencalisches Lied: Song of Provence
Abendlied nach der Schlacht: Dusk song after the battle
Das Lehmanns Abschied: The Vassal's farewell
Printed Book + CD / Digital PDF

KINKEL, J.  'Vogelkantate' for 5 voices [vocal quintet] & piano : vocal score + sing-slong CD KINKEL, J. 'Vogelkantate' for 5 voices [vocal quintet] & piano : vocal score + sing-slong CD

Instrumentation: SSATB / SSAAB, piano
Musical Comedy
Duration: 10 - 15 mins
Storyline: 5 birds quarrel at a choir rehearsal
sheet music : Printed Book + CD / Digital PDF

johanna kinkel Tinklied Noten KINKEL, Johanna. Drinking Song 'Trinklied' for voice, piano & opt choir. with CD

Instrumentation: Tenor voice, piano, choir [optional]
Languages: German, English
Difficulty: Intermediate
Printed: Book of sheet music + CD

Price: £7.25

Three Songs for voice, flute and piano sheet music by Trubcher. incl. The Gypsy and the Bird, La Capinera The Wren, and the Echo Song 3 Songs for voice, flute & piano [incl. La Capinera] - sheet music + CD

The Gypsy and the Bird - Sir Julius Benedict
The Bird that came in Spring / La Capinera / The Wren - Sir Julius Benedict
The Celebrated Echo Song : Sir Henry Rowley Bishop
PDF Download / Printed Book + CD

KJERULF, Halfdan : 'HJERTESORG'  song cycle KJERULF, Halfdan : 'HJERTESORG' song cycle

voice & piano / voice & orchestra
mezzo soprano + baritone / low tenor
Song cycle of 9 songs + 2 duets
Sheet music : Vocal Score + CD / Digital PDF

Price: £18.00