Is a PDF digital download different from a Printed Edition?
No. the notes and layout are the same. However, you do not get a colour front cover with the PDF. version and the IMS Number is different.

Is it legal to print and use a Trübcher PDF digital download ?
Yes. All our PDF editions carry the special DLD code as your proof and guarantee that you have a legal copy..

How many times can I print a PDF digital download?
You may only make enough copies for your own personal use.

Can I make a photocopy of a Printed Edition?
No. The normal rules of copyright apply.

Can I return editions if I don't like the music?
No. To avoid any possible breach of copyright law, we do not accept returns unless we agree that you have received faulty or incorrectly supplied music.

What do I do, if I think there is a mistake in the edition?
Please contact us. We aim to present trustworthy editions and we proof read all our new editions carefully. However, it is possible that occasionally something will slip through. Please tell us about it, so that we can correct it.

How do you choose which editions to publish?
We select those which in our opinion represent the best and also ones that are requested by customers.

Where can I buy your Editions?
Our editions are available from retailers around the globe. If your local retailer does not already stock editions of our music, they can apply to us. All our editions are also available to purchase direct from us.

Do you accept submissions? How do I apply to have you publish my work?
Yes, we accept submissions. To apply, contact us by email with a short description of your composition and a sample page in PDF format.